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Flake Ice Machine Fresh Water - Akay Soğutma

Kristal Buz Makinası

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The flake ice machine ensures that this need of fresh water is easily met in all seasons. In addition to working with high efficiency, it meets the needs very quickly with its ability to produce ice without interruption. With its appropriate dimensions, it does not occupy much space in the area used, and it does not cause noise pollution with its silent operation feature.

Flake Ice Machine Features

The ice machine is produced in accordance with national and international quality standards, and it is used for a long time without causing any problems due to its use. Machines that will fully meet the need for ice;

The ice blade and chassis are made of stainless steel and provide perfect use.
The body of the ice machines, which is made of steel with anti-corrosive paint, is durable for a long time.
There are screw and semi-hermetic compressors.

As an ice machine, it passes the necessary tests in detail with its features and whole. Ice production will become easier with the controlled machines and it will help to go one step further in the sector with mass production.

Making the Right Choice in a Flake Ice Machine

In order to obtain fresh water ice, a detailed research should be done. A preference list is created by examining the features that will make the machine powerful and usable. While we are always at the top of the preference lists for ice machines, we offer both a profitable and a peaceful shopping opportunity with its quality and customer satisfaction principle. You can reach all the information we wonder about the ice machine in a short time by visiting us. You can access the usage details and technical specifications of the machines on our page and examine them in detail. You can refer to the references given by the customers regarding the machines put into service in accordance with the national and international competition conditions. In order to increase the production capacity, to achieve the desired profit margin in the short and long term, to easily achieve the quality standards in production, all you need to do is to have our machines with sufficient equipment installed and to start using them immediately after the controls. Our main goal is to produce economical and reliable machines for you. You can contact us for your valuable projects.

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