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Cracked Ice Machine - Akay Soğutma

Kırık Buz Makinesi

Kırık Buz Makinesi

Cracked Ice Machine

Broken ice machines are professional machines that are mostly suitable for the use of fishermen. Machines use in bars. Economical ice machines are also used to cool dough in ovens with their technical features. Broken ice is a machine that can be easily maintained and cleaned. In many areas, these machines are used when food presentations and cocktails are made.

Thanks to these advantageous features, cracked ice machines have recently increased in sales due to their ease of use and energy-saving features. Professional ice machine spare parts are readily available. In addition, it provides ease of use to users in every field without any problems. Different sizes and sizes of crushed ice machines are used in small scale machines in many places and have portable features.

Features of Cracked Ice Machines

Thanks to its portable features, the crushed ice machines can be used in the fishing industry, in bars, in cocktails, in dinner parties, in short, in any area where products need to be kept intact. Its features are as follows;

Since they have a system that absorbs water, they are useful for obtaining dry ice.
There are models made of stainless steel.
When the fan of these machines is in the front, it can be used easily in narrow areas and can work without any problems.
It has easy installation.
It is easy to maintain and clean.
There is no problem in obtaining spare parts when needed.
They have low water consumption.
They are energy saving machines.

When purchasing cracked ice machines, reliable machines made of quality and durable materials should be purchased. It is beneficial to purchase energy-saving machines with a production capacity of more than 24 hours and a large storage capacity. When it is desired to buy an ice machine, preferences should be made according to where it will be used and what it will be used for. Ice machines that are too large for their intended use cause energy savings and take up more space in the space. Likewise, when a small machine is purchased, inadequacy of use may occur. It is useful to pay attention to these when the machine is to be purchased. If you contact us according to the purpose of use, our expert team will make a project for you for the selection of the right capacity machine after the discovery.

About Cracked Ice Machines

Ice machines with a storage capacity of 15 kilograms and a production capacity of more than 24 hours are more useful. Air-cooled, high voltage, power consumption, gas type and net weight are also the points to consider when purchasing. In addition, the package weight of the crushed ice machines and the package dimensions are among the important details that should be well researched when purchasing. We are always at your service for the necessary support for broken ice machines to our valued customers.

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