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Ice Machines - Akay Soğutma

Block Ice Machines

Blok Buz Makinesi

Flake ice machine Sea water

Cube Ice Machine

Fırın Buz Makinesi

Flake ice machine Fresh water

Cracked Ice Machine

Container type ice machines

Konteyner Tip buz Makineleri

Ice Machines

Ice Machines transforms the water filled into the tank into pieces of ice with the help of a pump, based on cooling methods. Ice machines are constantly used in different areas in the light of developing sectors. The machines that undertake the production of ice, which indirectly affects the execution of the works, provide both material and moral gain to the enterprises.

Ice Machines Benefits

Ice Machine is constantly preferred thanks to the advantages it provides to the sector in which it is used. Thanks to the ice machine, the needs are met on time and additional costs are prevented due to various reasons. In this context, it is possible to list some of the benefits of using an ice machine as follows;

By using it in the fishing industry, it provides the opportunity to make a long-term sale by preventing the fish from spoiling in a short time.
It contributes to ensuring the healthy and intact shipment of products by being used in non-refrigeration vehicles.
By using it in the bakery products sector, it prevents the loss of time by ensuring that the operations continue uninterrupted.
The Ice Machine works with high capacity and efficiency, ensuring the development of production and at the same time preventing possible negative effects.
It protects health from dangers by producing ice in a hygienic and clean way.
Thanks to its easy and fast use, it is controlled by a single person and prevents additional labor costs.
It eliminates stacking problems with the production of appropriate size ice.

With the machines that enable the operation to be faster, the resilience of the enterprises increases with the strengthening of the working opportunities in the competitive environment.

What are Ice Machines?

The Ice Machine makes production in accordance with the operating purpose of the enterprise to be used. In this context, mold ice machines, flake ice machines, brine ice machines and so on. There are machines. These machines are produced according to the needs and presented as useful, dynamic and smart designs.

Ice Maker variants must be compatible with users’ operations. For this reason, you can visit us for the selection of the appropriate one and examine the quality of the material used and the technical specifications of the machine. You can solve the problems you encounter with our technical support team in a short time, and you can continue your transactions without interruption. By looking at the references of our customers regarding our products and technical support, you can compare them on any subject you need.

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