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Fresh Water Flake Ice Machine Features - Akay Soğutma

3 January 20230

Fresh Water Flake Ice Machine Features

The features of the fresh water flake ice machine provide easy use of the machine and increase the efficiency depending on the usage. When the ice machine is fully compatible with the sector to be used, it reduces costs in the short and long term, increases efficiency and increases the profit rate.

Hassle Free Fresh Water Flake Ice Machine

The features of the freshwater flake ice machine ensure that the machines fully meet the expectations for a long time without any problems. In this context, fresh water ice machines;

The ice blade and its chassis must be made of stainless steel to prevent rust from use.
In order to have a working and impact resistant structure, its body should be steel with anti corrosive paint.
Compressor option must be screw or hermatic.
The drum garbon must be covered with steel.

Fresh water flake ice machine features provide long-term production with the first instant efficiency. You can examine the images of our ice machines, which have different sizes and technical details according to the area you will use. You can compare the features of the machines as you see fit. Our company, which always offers you the best with the best price password, provides support with our technical team for choosing the right ice machine. You can take a look at the comments of our customers, to whom we have provided fresh water flake ice machine service, both about our company and our company’s ice machines. It will be sufficient to contact us for the supply of a quality and reliable ice machine.

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