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Using a Cube Ice Maker - Akay Soğutma


27 January 20230

Using a Cube Ice Maker

Using a cube ice machine is preferred because it is suitable for making ice from both fresh and salt water. The cube ice machine provides a high level of efficiency by meeting the needs, ensuring the continuity of production and increasing the profit margin.

Where is the Cube Ice Machine Used?

Using a cube ice machine is evaluated in terms of a wide range of sectors. The usage areas of cube ice machines, which have a large amount of ice production capacity continuously, are listed as follows;

In fish aisles to make the fish look alive and fresh,
In the fishing area, as it produces ice from fresh and salt water,
In bakeries producing bakery products,
In vegetable and fruit areas that need to be kept fresh,
Restaurants, cafes, etc., where beverages should be served cold. It is used in fields.

An increase in the profit margin is observed by using a cube ice machine. Regardless of the sector, you can contact us to choose the right cube ice machine and use it for a long time without any problems. After fast assembly of our ice machines, which are produced in accordance with the quality standards, we present them to your use with controls. Cube ice machines, which offer easy use, simple maintenance and repair, ensure that your production continues without interruption. With our technical support team, you will reduce your short and long term costs to the lowest level with the selection of the appropriate capacity and feature ice machine for your area.