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Things to Consider in Cold Storage - Akay Soğutma


12 January 20230

Things to Consider in Cold Storage

Things to consider in cold storage increase the efficiency to be obtained in the use of the warehouse and at the same time ensure that the long-term costs are minimal. In order to ensure that the cold storage serves the purpose, it is necessary to conduct a detailed research, meet certain criteria, and make a cost-benefit analysis. Thus, it is ensured that the right choice is made.

Cold Storage Criteria

Things to consider in cold storage are done by comparing certain criteria. The important criteria to be considered in keeping the costs low and increasing the profit margin to high levels both in the short and long term include the following;

Determining the type of cold storage according to the variety of products to be stored,
The daily product entry amount to the warehouse,
Determining the devices that will provide the required temperature and humidity for the products to be stored
Determining the dimensions of the cold storage (area and height in square meters),
Determining the number of rooms that will separate the differences in the warehouse,
Shelves, PVC curtains, shelves etc. to be used in the warehouse. identification of accessories,
Investigation of compliance of all materials required for air storage with national and international quality standards,
It is the work of expert personnel in the field for warehouse construction.

These criteria enable the selection of the warehouse that fully serves the purpose within the scope of what should be considered in the cold storage. As a result of the incomplete or incorrect application of the criteria, many problems arise, such as the decrease in efficiency and the inability to protect the products.

The Right Choice in Cold Storage

Our company provides service with its expert technical support team in order to eliminate all problems regarding the things to be considered in the cold storage and to fully meet the expectations. In this context, questions are answered in a short time with the help of the support team at the desired day and time, and a warehouse can be selected for the purpose of the sector.

Our company, which always provides accurate and complete information on what needs to be considered in cold storage, ensures that you get the same benefit from durable warehouses for a long time with its guaranteed service understanding, and helps to increase your profit by contributing to keeping your costs at a minimum level.