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Things to Consider in Choosing Cold Storage - Akay Soğutma


15 December 20220

Things to Consider in Choosing Cold Storage

Things to consider in the selection of cold storage are necessary to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The wrong choice of cold storage will cause loss of time in production, additional cost burden, etc. causes many problems. For this reason, careful study and expert knowledge should be consulted while making the selection.

How should the Cold Storage Selection be?

Necessary research and comparisons should be made within the scope of what should be considered in the selection of cold storage. In this respect, for a good, long-lasting and highly efficient cold storage;

The purpose of the warehouse should be determined and the selection should be made.
It is necessary to choose the right type of doors that will completely eliminate the heat problem.
The climatic characteristics and geographical conditions of the area where the warehouse will be established should be determined and the warehouse type should be selected appropriately.
Considering that more than one product is stored in the warehouse, the number of rooms should be determined.
It is necessary to determine the size of the warehouse in order to fully respond to the need.
The products to be kept in the warehouse and the humidity level required for these products should be taken into consideration.

The points to be considered in the selection of cold storage are these connection points. Our company, which offers cold storage service that fully serves the purpose, brings you the perfect warehouses by offering both the product to be used and the workmanship to be made, both in terms of construction, installation and connection.