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Soğuk Hava Deposu Kullanım Alanları - Akay Soğutma


18 January 20230

Cold Storage Usage Areas

Cold storage usage areas have spread due to the developing technology in recent years. Air tanks, which are preferred in many areas, especially in the food sector, have become indispensable for every commercial facility. Air tanks, which offer benefits since they are first used, contribute significantly to increasing efficiency.

Where is Cold Storage Used?

Within the scope of cold storage usage areas, warehouses are places that provide both direct and indirect contact with people. In this context, the places where cold storage is frequently used are as follows;

Places where food products such as fruits and vegetables should be collected and stored,
Facilities processing dairy products,
Markets and shops selling seafood,
Food service hotels and large-scale restaurants,
Facilities that process ice cream and frozen food,
Cafes, patisseries, etc. that serve fresh products. businesses,
Centers where meat products are collected, shipped and sold,
Hospitals to store medicines,
They are laboratories to ensure the protection of necessary data.

Cold storage usage areas are also used in different areas according to demand and purpose. It shows the advantages in every field it is used from the first day.

Usage in Cold Storage

Cold storage usage areas are preferred because of the high gains and efficiency, while at the same time, its fast and simple use affects the expansion of the usage areas of the warehouses. The warehouses, which provide a great profit in the sectors used, ensure that this profit continues for a long time thanks to its durable structure and low maintenance and repair costs.

You can visit our company addresses to get sufficient information about cold storage usage areas. You can access the relevant images of the cold storage rooms that our company has built so far, and you can look at the technical specifications of the materials used. In order to get better service in a safer way, you can contact us and solve your problems. Our company works with the references given by the users about the general characteristics of the warehouses and the quality of our company, as a result of the cold storages that it has delivered within the scope of the customer satisfaction principle that it has determined for itself.