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Quality in Cold Storage - Akay Soğutma


14 January 20230

Quality in Cold Storage

In the cold storage, quality ensures that the products are kept as desired and that the expectations are fully met. An air tank made under the principle of quality contributes to the production process, ensuring maximum efficiency, reducing both short-term and long-term costs and contributing to obtaining a high profit margin.

Quality Standard in Cold Storage

Quality in cold storage shows itself in the process starting from the first installation of the warehouse. The quality standards that should be on a national and international basis in order for the cold storage to fully serve the purpose are listed as follows;

Every material to be used in the construction of the warehouse must fully meet the quality standards.
The energy installation inside the warehouse should be made with quality materials.
Devices used for storage temperature and humidification must comply with quality standards.
Warehouse accessories such as doors, shelves, PVC curtains, etc. The products must be of good quality.
Each staff member who will work during the warehouse construction process must be an expert in their field.

This is how quality is ensured in the cold storage. Thus, the warehouses gain the desired durable structure and are used for a long time without any problems.

Service Quality in Cold Storage

Quality in cold storage should not be considered only in the structural dimension. In this context, the service must be of high quality within the determined standards for both the construction and maintenance and repair of the cold storage. Our company, which serves with the understanding of trying to make no concessions from quality, quickly performs the maintenance and repair of the warehouses that it has built in the shortest possible time. By preventing the formation of bottlenecks in the business process, it prevents time losses with quality and fast service.

Our company, which is always one step ahead in terms of quality in cold storage, works with the technical support team that can be reached at the contact addresses at any time in the context of service quality. You can solve the problem and make the necessary choices by getting clear and correct answers to all the questions you have in your mind in a short time. Under the guarantee of our material and service quality, you will increase your profitability by reaching the desired efficiency in the warehouses.