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Mobile Block Ice Machines - Akay Soğutma

8 February 20220
Mobil blok buz makineleri

Mobile Block Ice Machines

While mobile block ice machines offer easy production with their state-of-the-art features, they can also be easily transported to different places according to changing needs with easy transportation. The machines, which provide block ice as a result of pressing the ice obtained from other ice machines, meet the needs on time with their high working capacity and increase the working efficiency significantly.

Mobile Ice Machine Features

Mobile block ice machines are full of features that provide significant benefits to the user apart from size and usage. The height and width of the ice floes are fixed, they are produced by adjusting the height and are used according to the needs. The ice machines designed according to the new system have a smarter formation and a more dynamic working structure. By providing high efficiency, it provides financial and moral gain.

With the feature of producing ice for a long time, mobile ice machines prevent any loss of time during the working period. In addition, the ice blocks, whose heights are regulated, can be easily stacked in the desired place and do not narrow the working areas without taking up much space. The ice machines, which have a smart working system, are easily controlled by a single person. Thus, it contributes to the minimization of the costs incurred due to the worker within the framework of the work done.

Mobile Ice Machines Production

Mobile block ice machines provide a large amount of ice production in a short time. In addition, by providing clean and hygienic ice production, it prevents the endangerment of health. It makes production by bringing leaf or mold ice to the desired dimensions and provides convenience in the area where it will be used.

Thanks to the ice machines, the work is ensured to progress in a regular way and it gives the opportunity to keep up with the market conditions and the competitive environment. The ice machines, which are designed in accordance with national and international quality standards, are put into operation after the final controls, ensuring consistency in ice production. By responding to all your problems regarding ice machines with our technical support team in a short time, we help you to produce ice without any problems and to achieve regular progress and growth in your general business.