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8 February 20220
Salamura Tipi Buz Makinası

Brine Type Ice Machine

The brine type ice machine ensures that ice is obtained by immersing the fresh water cans in the brine tank as full in order to meet the needs more quickly and easily. The temperature of the brine at -12 degrees Celsius allows the water to form solid blocks at a temperature of -5 degrees. Thus, large amounts of ice masses are obtained quickly.

Usage Areas of Brine Ice Machine

Brine ice machine is used in more than one field due to the support it gives to production efficiently. It is frequently preferred because it helps to meet the ice need easily. brine machine;

It is used to cool sea foods and maintain their coldness.
It is used to fully meet the needs of vehicles without any cooler on long-distance roads.
It is used for the production of clean and fresh ice in enterprises engaged in commercial and industrial operations.

The ice machine takes its form easily and provides large-scale production in a short time. It provides the necessary contribution to be profitable in the competitive environment in the sectoral market where the transactions are carried out.

How Does a Brine Type Ice Machine Work?

Brine type ice machine must have some features in order to offer the desired efficiency. In this context, the machine;

It should be made of stainless and non-corrosive material.
It is necessary to use materials that are resistant to all kinds of negativities.
It should offer easy use to ensure the required efficiency.
It should be capable of adapting to changing production quantities.

The ice machine with these features will directly support the production without any difficulties. You can visit our page for the Brine type ice machine that will meet your needs in a short time. You can examine our machines with different capacities and features. You can examine the technical features and material quality of our ice machines, which are designed to produce ice in the desired size, and you can make all the comparisons you need. By offering quality and reasonable price together, we offer the guarantee that you will gain profit both in the first purchase and in use by minimizing both the initial costs and the maintenance and repair costs depending on the use. You can contact us for your valuable projects.