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How Should Solar-Powered Cold Storages Be? - Akay Soğutma


23 December 20220

How Should Solar-Powered Cold Storages Be?

How should solar-powered cold storages be? The question can be explained as meeting expectations in every sense. Cold storages provide benefits when fit for purpose, reduce costs, increase efficiency and fully support production. Otherwise, material and moral losses will be experienced both in the short and long term.

Things to Consider When Choosing Solar-Powered Cold Storage

How should solar-powered cold storages be? Users should make a detailed research and meticulous comparison on the subject. The suitability of the determined criteria should be checked, and results should be drawn by making cost-benefit analyzes. For this, when choosing a solar-powered cold storage;

The panels mounted on the roof and absorbing solar energy, the equipment that converts the absorbed solar energy into electrical energy, and the materials that provide the distribution of the obtained electricity within the warehouse must fully comply with national and international quality standards.
It is necessary to use panels that are suitable for the dimensions of the roof of the warehouse and the angle of incidence of the sun.
Every personnel who will work from panel installation to distribution of electricity must be an expert professional in their field.

How should solar-powered cold storages be? As long as these criteria are met, solar-powered cold storage is beneficial. In this context, solar-powered cold storages, which will meet your expectations in the best way and increase your profit rate, meet you with the quality and assurance of our company.