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1 March 20220

How to Make a Cold Storage

How to make a cold storage, first of all, panels called fluorine are placed on the floor of the warehouse. Panels are then placed on the sides. These panels are called steel panels. After the panels that will form the floor and the sides of the cold storage are completed, the panel on which the door is mounted is attached. After these processes, it is transferred to other applications to complete the cold storage. Lacquer accents are drawn to the joints of the warehouse panels on the upper side, and lacquer accents are placed on the corners in the same way. Thus, all parts are fixed and strengthened. On the inside, lacquer interior accents are placed on the bottom and inside edges.

Inside of Cold Storage

How to make a cold storage? LEDs are installed on the inside of the tank, on the right and left panels, close to the ceiling. The cooler called avaparator is mounted on the upper part. There are liquid cooler line channels behind the evaporator. At the bottom of these channels, the part called P-TRAPS is the channel with the entrance to the cooler. In the same way as this canal, there is another canal on the top, which is called the breastfeeding line. In addition, there is a drain pipe, which is the largest line in the rear channels. In connection with the drain pipe, another channel leading to the outside is the pover line. These channels connect the cooling device outside and the device inside. These channels are also connected with the device that shows the temperature outside and adjusts the coldness.

Things to Consider When Buying Cold Storage

How to make a cold storage? All the details of this issue are as we mentioned above. If it is decided to buy cold storage, well-known brands that produce very well should be preferred. Because the cooling capacity of the warehouse, keeping the cold and its protective feature are very important. In addition, it will be more accurate to buy a cold storage that is suitable for the need and usage area. While the warehouses purchased to carry small amounts of material use excessive energy, it will also be useless to buy small warehouses that are not suitable for the need. You can get detailed information and support from our company. All you have to do is to reach us from our phone numbers.

24 February 20220
Soğuk Hava Deposu Nedir

What is Cold Storage

In this article, we will tell you what a cold storage is and what it is used for. Operators working in the industrial field are wondering what the cold storage is and for what purpose it is used. Cold storages are products that increase efficiency and attract the attention of businesses due to their low cost. People have always sought ways to preserve the food they use for a long time. In order to preserve these foods without spoiling and to use them in the next periods, the production of cold storage has been found. Thanks to cold storage, products are stored for a long time without spoiling.

What Does Cold Storage Do?

Some of the food products undergo metamorphosis depending on the industrial environment conditions. After a while, food products lose their vitality functions and begin to rot. This causes the products not to be sold and delivered to the consumer. For this reason, the products collected from the harvest are stored in cold storage. The metabolism of the products stored in cold storage is preserved and stays fresh for a long time. Products are delivered to the consumer in a fresh way, since cold storages are produced in accordance with insulated and air-conditioning systems.

With cold storage types, many products can be stored in a controlled manner and taken to other places and presented to the consumer in a fresh way in the markets. Many foods such as fruits, vegetables, meat products, dairy products and fish can be stored in cold storage. Since these products are affected by the temperature and humidity balance of the environment they are in, they are traded fresh everywhere thanks to the cold storages. Temperature change triggers the production of microorganisms. The loss of moisture of the product reduces its quality and causes it to lose weight. Therefore, cold storages are extremely beneficial for both the consumer and the producer.

Cold Storage Features

What is cold storage? What are its features? First of all, since there is absolutely no air flow in cold storage rooms, they can be called isolated rooms. Cool storage is between 8 and 18 degrees. Cold storage is between 2 and 8 degrees. Refrigerator storage is between -4 and 12 degrees, frozen storage is between 0 and -25 degrees. Shocking is between -25 and -40 degrees. The warehouse should be adjusted according to the characteristics of the product to be used. Since food products are hygroscopic products, moisture exchange must be regulated in their environment. Industrial humidification devices are also used in the cold storage.


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