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Cracked Ice Maker Features - Akay Soğutma


29 January 20230

Cracked Ice Maker Features

Thanks to the features of the broken ice machine, ice production takes its easiest form and time losses that may occur are prevented. Cracked ice machines, which are suitable for use in various fields, are at the top of the preference lists with the advantages they provide. Our company, which is the address of quality and trust, offers you ice machines that you will use for a long time in order to increase efficiency and keep costs at the lowest levels.

How about a broken ice machine?

The broken ice machine features demonstrate the correct use of the machine. The necessary features of the ice machine selected according to the area to be used are as follows;

It must have a technical system that absorbs water.
It should be made of stainless steel to be durable and sturdy for a long time.
Fans must be located on the front panel for trouble-free use in narrow spaces.
There should be a low water consumption level.
In order not to interrupt production, maintenance and beekeeping should be done simply and quickly.
It should have energy-saving features to keep costs low.

In addition to the features of the broken ice machine, our company also offers all necessary precautions for the ice machine to produce ice hygienically. With its wide service network, our company performs both the supply of spare parts and the maintenance and repair operations quickly, avoiding the loss of time. You can visit our company, which does not compromise on quality to always offer the best, and you can examine all the features of our ice machines.