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8 February 20220
Mobil blok buz makineleri

Mobile Block Ice Machines

While mobile block ice machines offer easy production with their state-of-the-art features, they can also be easily transported to different places according to changing needs with easy transportation. The machines, which provide block ice as a result of pressing the ice obtained from other ice machines, meet the needs on time with their high working capacity and increase the working efficiency significantly.

Mobile Ice Machine Features

Mobile block ice machines are full of features that provide significant benefits to the user apart from size and usage. The height and width of the ice floes are fixed, they are produced by adjusting the height and are used according to the needs. The ice machines designed according to the new system have a smarter formation and a more dynamic working structure. By providing high efficiency, it provides financial and moral gain.

With the feature of producing ice for a long time, mobile ice machines prevent any loss of time during the working period. In addition, the ice blocks, whose heights are regulated, can be easily stacked in the desired place and do not narrow the working areas without taking up much space. The ice machines, which have a smart working system, are easily controlled by a single person. Thus, it contributes to the minimization of the costs incurred due to the worker within the framework of the work done.

Mobile Ice Machines Production

Mobile block ice machines provide a large amount of ice production in a short time. In addition, by providing clean and hygienic ice production, it prevents the endangerment of health. It makes production by bringing leaf or mold ice to the desired dimensions and provides convenience in the area where it will be used.

Thanks to the ice machines, the work is ensured to progress in a regular way and it gives the opportunity to keep up with the market conditions and the competitive environment. The ice machines, which are designed in accordance with national and international quality standards, are put into operation after the final controls, ensuring consistency in ice production. By responding to all your problems regarding ice machines with our technical support team in a short time, we help you to produce ice without any problems and to achieve regular progress and growth in your general business.

8 February 20220
Salamura Tipi Buz Makinası

Brine Type Ice Machine

The brine type ice machine ensures that ice is obtained by immersing the fresh water cans in the brine tank as full in order to meet the needs more quickly and easily. The temperature of the brine at -12 degrees Celsius allows the water to form solid blocks at a temperature of -5 degrees. Thus, large amounts of ice masses are obtained quickly.

Usage Areas of Brine Ice Machine

Brine ice machine is used in more than one field due to the support it gives to production efficiently. It is frequently preferred because it helps to meet the ice need easily. brine machine;

It is used to cool sea foods and maintain their coldness.
It is used to fully meet the needs of vehicles without any cooler on long-distance roads.
It is used for the production of clean and fresh ice in enterprises engaged in commercial and industrial operations.

The ice machine takes its form easily and provides large-scale production in a short time. It provides the necessary contribution to be profitable in the competitive environment in the sectoral market where the transactions are carried out.

How Does a Brine Type Ice Machine Work?

Brine type ice machine must have some features in order to offer the desired efficiency. In this context, the machine;

It should be made of stainless and non-corrosive material.
It is necessary to use materials that are resistant to all kinds of negativities.
It should offer easy use to ensure the required efficiency.
It should be capable of adapting to changing production quantities.

The ice machine with these features will directly support the production without any difficulties. You can visit our page for the Brine type ice machine that will meet your needs in a short time. You can examine our machines with different capacities and features. You can examine the technical features and material quality of our ice machines, which are designed to produce ice in the desired size, and you can make all the comparisons you need. By offering quality and reasonable price together, we offer the guarantee that you will gain profit both in the first purchase and in use by minimizing both the initial costs and the maintenance and repair costs depending on the use. You can contact us for your valuable projects.

31 December 20210
Kalıp Buz Makinası

Mold Ice Machine

Mold ice machine stands out with its dynamic and smart design compared to other ice machines. It is easier to produce ice blocks according to the desired molds from previously produced ice in suitable size and weight according to the nature of the work done with mold ice machines. In addition, it minimizes the time losses that may occur as a result of rapid production.

Advantages of This Machine

By using the mold ice machine, production is obtained in accordance with the order of the work to be done. Since the molded ice is clean and hygienic, it does not pose any danger to health conditions. By providing a fast production, it ensures that the needs are met on time and thus prevents time losses that may occur.

The mold ice machine produces ice with high efficiency and increases the number of options with the production it carries out in various sizes, making it easier to offer the appropriate one to all customer groups. By adjusting the timing on the machine, ice molds of different sizes are produced in sequence and making adjustments for the transition is prevented. Thanks to its easy use, it contributes to the reduction of worker expenses by reducing the number of personnel. Ice that comes in the form of blocks has less brittleness than other ice, and its durability is at high levels. The protective sensors on the machine ensure the long life of the ice machine and prevent problems for a long time.

Mass Production in Molded Ice Machine

Molded ice provides the production of both flake and block ice. After the general adjustment on the electrical panels, the production of ice with the desired dimensions begins in series. Thanks to its smart design, it can be mass-produced without any hesitation, by lining up ice that has the same width and height, but differs in height.

With the mold ice machine, it will be easier to reach the targets and to struggle with the competitive environment in the market conditions. You can take a look at the machines we offer within the framework of our understanding that does not compromise on quality, in order to gain both material and moral benefits and to avoid any problems during the use of the ice machine. By looking at the references of our customers we have served about our machines, you can examine our machines down to the smallest detail.

31 December 20210
Blok Buz Makinesi

Block Ice Machine

The block ice machine produces with a more useful, more dynamic and smarter design than the ice machines operating in the old system. It ensures the formation of blocks of ice by pressing the ice masses that come out of the ice machines in a balanced way in length and width. Thus, the ice can be used easily and for a long time in the required area.

Benefits of Block Ice Machine

The block ice machine provides significant advantages according to the area in which it is used. With this advantage, it contributes to the formation of both material and moral gain. In this context, the advantages of block machines are listed as follows;

It provides hygienic and clean ice production.
It contributes to saving time by providing the opportunity to start production immediately by being installed easily and quickly.
Thanks to the system settings, it provides the production of ice in the desired dimensions.
It produces ice in a consistent size and weight.
Produced ice blocks are produced in full compliance with freezers and shelves.
The hydraulic system contains various conveniences with production.
Block ice offers uninterrupted production capacity.
It is a machine that can be easily controlled by one person.
There is no waiting problem during ice production.

Thus, production is supported and it ensures that the needs are met on time.

Block Ice Machine Usage

Thanks to the details in the design of the block ice machine, it can be easily used by everyone. The machines, which do not offer a complex system structure, are controlled by a single person and produce smoothly by entering the desired dimensions.

The ice machine contributes to the development of general production by producing appropriately according to the area in which it is used. The most important feature sought in a block ice machine is its quality. You will get the efficiency you expect in the machines we offer in accordance with national and international quality standards. By answering all your questions about the ice machine with our technical support team in a short time, we eliminate all the question marks in your mind. You can easily access the quality and technical specifications of the materials used in the block ice machines, which will be your biggest supporter in the work you will do, by visiting us. You can make all the comparisons you need. We are ready to give you the best service in your valuable projects.

13 December 20210

Kristal Buz Makinası

Crystal ice machine is manufactured to meet the ice needs of enterprises in time. Ice, which is among the main and auxiliary materials of many sectors, is easily met by the crystal ice machine. Thanks to the high working capacity of the machine, which accelerates the operation, a great deal of efficiency is achieved.

Standards of Crystal Ice Machine

Crystal ice machine meets the need for ice by adapting to the changing working sector conditions. The standards of ice machines that contribute to gaining profit and building trust in the market are listed as follows;

By using clean and fresh water, odor-free clean ice is produced.
The ice produced is produced in accordance with the health standards determined by the Ministry of Health.
This production is made by using the machine to cool drinks, eat directly and be used in food.
It produces hygienically and eliminates pollution.
It saves energy during production and keeps costs at a minimum.
It works continuously for a long time and produces ice at the same standard continuously during this time.

Crystal ice machine is the most preferred machine in the sector with these contents.

Endurance in Crystal Ice Machine

Crystal ice should be produced from quality materials, down to the smallest piece, at the initial manufacturing stage. Thus, the service life will be increased and the occurrence of mechanical problems will be prevented. Thanks to this feature, the machines will help to reduce both the repair, maintenance and repair costs and the cost of machine replacement. Despite the decrease in expenses, it provides an increase in the profit margin with this efficient and high quality production. The quality of the materials used in the ice machine also prevents the ice produced from negatively affecting health conditions.

A detailed research is required for the purchase of a crystal ice machine. The technical properties of the materials used together with the references of the manufacturers are meticulously researched. With the assurance of trust in every aspect, the purchase process takes place. With our understanding that does not compromise on quality since we started the service, you can reach the references and guarantees given by our customers, who have been using our machines, about the machines. Whatever your industry is, the only thing you need to do is to visit us in order to meet your needs on time and avoid any problems.