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Blok Buz Makinesi - Akay Soğutma

31 December 20210
Blok Buz Makinesi

Block Ice Machine

The block ice machine produces with a more useful, more dynamic and smarter design than the ice machines operating in the old system. It ensures the formation of blocks of ice by pressing the ice masses that come out of the ice machines in a balanced way in length and width. Thus, the ice can be used easily and for a long time in the required area.

Benefits of Block Ice Machine

The block ice machine provides significant advantages according to the area in which it is used. With this advantage, it contributes to the formation of both material and moral gain. In this context, the advantages of block machines are listed as follows;

It provides hygienic and clean ice production.
It contributes to saving time by providing the opportunity to start production immediately by being installed easily and quickly.
Thanks to the system settings, it provides the production of ice in the desired dimensions.
It produces ice in a consistent size and weight.
Produced ice blocks are produced in full compliance with freezers and shelves.
The hydraulic system contains various conveniences with production.
Block ice offers uninterrupted production capacity.
It is a machine that can be easily controlled by one person.
There is no waiting problem during ice production.

Thus, production is supported and it ensures that the needs are met on time.

Block Ice Machine Usage

Thanks to the details in the design of the block ice machine, it can be easily used by everyone. The machines, which do not offer a complex system structure, are controlled by a single person and produce smoothly by entering the desired dimensions.

The ice machine contributes to the development of general production by producing appropriately according to the area in which it is used. The most important feature sought in a block ice machine is its quality. You will get the efficiency you expect in the machines we offer in accordance with national and international quality standards. By answering all your questions about the ice machine with our technical support team in a short time, we eliminate all the question marks in your mind. You can easily access the quality and technical specifications of the materials used in the block ice machines, which will be your biggest supporter in the work you will do, by visiting us. You can make all the comparisons you need. We are ready to give you the best service in your valuable projects.