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Balıkçı Buz Makinaları - Akay Soğutma

31 December 20210
Kalıp Buz Makinası

Mold Ice Machine

Mold ice machine stands out with its dynamic and smart design compared to other ice machines. It is easier to produce ice blocks according to the desired molds from previously produced ice in suitable size and weight according to the nature of the work done with mold ice machines. In addition, it minimizes the time losses that may occur as a result of rapid production.

Advantages of This Machine

By using the mold ice machine, production is obtained in accordance with the order of the work to be done. Since the molded ice is clean and hygienic, it does not pose any danger to health conditions. By providing a fast production, it ensures that the needs are met on time and thus prevents time losses that may occur.

The mold ice machine produces ice with high efficiency and increases the number of options with the production it carries out in various sizes, making it easier to offer the appropriate one to all customer groups. By adjusting the timing on the machine, ice molds of different sizes are produced in sequence and making adjustments for the transition is prevented. Thanks to its easy use, it contributes to the reduction of worker expenses by reducing the number of personnel. Ice that comes in the form of blocks has less brittleness than other ice, and its durability is at high levels. The protective sensors on the machine ensure the long life of the ice machine and prevent problems for a long time.

Mass Production in Molded Ice Machine

Molded ice provides the production of both flake and block ice. After the general adjustment on the electrical panels, the production of ice with the desired dimensions begins in series. Thanks to its smart design, it can be mass-produced without any hesitation, by lining up ice that has the same width and height, but differs in height.

With the mold ice machine, it will be easier to reach the targets and to struggle with the competitive environment in the market conditions. You can take a look at the machines we offer within the framework of our understanding that does not compromise on quality, in order to gain both material and moral benefits and to avoid any problems during the use of the ice machine. By looking at the references of our customers we have served about our machines, you can examine our machines down to the smallest detail.

13 December 20210

Balıkçı Buz Makinaları

Fisherman ice machines make a great contribution to increasing the profit margin by extending the sales period by keeping the fish fresher. Ice machines, which show different features for all kinds of businesses, show high efficiency when used in the fishery field as in other areas. In addition, it plays an important role in the disruption of the operation with its uninterrupted production.

Ice in Fishing

Fishermen’s ice machines are indispensable in this sector due to the easy and trouble-free shipment of fish, the absence of any problems during their stay in the warehouses, and the freshness effect on the fish at the time of sale. Not every fish comes directly to the stalls as soon as they come out of the water. It is ready for presentation in a long period of time, especially the shipping product. This period passes without any problems and the ice needed by the fish is met by the machines. Fishermen’s ice machines help to provide the necessary conditions for processes such as stocking and storage in cases where not every fish is put on the counter immediately and not every fish on the counter is sold immediately. Thanks to the custom size and thickness of the ice, the fish will stay fresh for a long time as they first came out of the water.

Enough of Ice

Fisherman’s ice machines help to meet the needs of the fish in a timely and correct ratio according to the amount of fish. Thanks to the high capacity of the machines, there is no ice problem in fishing and it provides easy and safe storage and shipment. In addition, by controlling the settings of the machine, the feature of the ice is prepared according to the needs. Fisherman’s ice machines must meet expectations with both quality materials and technical features. In this regard, you can examine the conformity of our machines with varying production capacity to national and international quality standards and have information about their technical features. By accessing the images of our ice machines, you can make the comparison you need. With our technical support team, you can quickly resolve any problems you may encounter with ice machines, which are under our guarantee down to the smallest part. It will be enough to contact us in order to make profitable sales in the field of fisheries, to eliminate the storage and stock problems and to always offer the best to the customer.