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Advantages of Sea Water Flake Ice Machine - Akay Soğutma


17 January 20230

Advantages of Sea Water Flake Ice Machine

The advantages of seawater flake ice machine are evident from the first use. The flake ice machine, which shows high profitability in cost-benefit analyzes and ensures optimum efficiency with the value it adds to production, is at the top of the list of preferences in many areas.

Sectoral Benefit of Sea Water Flake Ice Machine

Seawater flake ice machine advantages vary according to sectors. The advantages of the ice machine, which ensures that the needs are fully met in the areas where it is used, are as follows;

With its portable feature in the fishing area, it provides instant ice production and facilitates the preservation of the caught fish.
It allows the fish to stay longer in the fish aisles.
With its durable structure, it increases the profit rate by using it for a long time.
It prevents time loss in production with its long-term working feature.
Thanks to its high capacity operating feature, it easily meets large-scale ice needs.
Thanks to its control panels, it is suitable for easy use and fast maintenance.

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