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Shock Cooling Devices - Akay Soğutma

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Shock Cooling Devices

Shock cooling devices are devices that allow the core temperature of the products to be preserved for a long time to be preserved quickly, without changing the general feature and freshness of the product. Demanding the products to be used with their first freshness in the future and preventing deterioration in their transport from one place to another require cooling devices, increasing the demand significantly.

Advantages of Shocking Devices

In addition to the positive effects it has on the products used, quenching cooling also has advantages due to its use. The advantages of cooling devices, starting from the first use, are as follows;

It ensures production in national and international quality standards.
It provides a high degree of efficiency in the cooling process.
It does not create noise pollution in the working area since the sound produced in the outdoor unit is minimal.
Since it offers easy and fast assembly, it can be used immediately.
It provides the possibility of mounting in accordance with the size and dimensions of the environment.
Thanks to its cabin feature, it facilitates maintenance and thus prevents the disruption of operations.
Because blast cooling devices have evaporator design, they keep moisture losses at the lowest levels.
It contributes to a great deal of savings by providing energy efficiency by automatically making the necessary adjustments regarding defrost times.

The benefits offered by cooling devices ensure optimum efficiency by reducing both short and long term costs.

Cooling systems are delivered ready for use after manufacturing and assembly. The devices, which are assembled with expert personnel, are put into use after the necessary controls are made. Thus, the devices are put into use. We are always at your side with our necessary technical support team in order to maximize the efficiency of the devices by offering precise and clear solutions to all problems related to shocking cooling devices. Our after-installation services provide you with 24/7 support. You can visit us whenever you want to find out what you are curious about, examine the technical features of our cooling devices, and research the expertise of our staff. By examining the references given by our customers we have served so far, you can take a look at all the details of the images of the cooling devices we have delivered. We are waiting for you for easy operation and high efficiency.

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