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Cold Storage Features - Akay Soğutma

20 January 20230

Cold Storage Features

The cold storage features show how the use of the warehouse will be more beneficial. Warehouses have both technical and usage features. Warehouses that provide both features provide both material and moral gains in the short and long term. In this way, cold storages are preferred in many different sectors, especially in the food field.

Cold Storage General Criteria

The cold storage features cover the criteria that should be. The features required to have a good air tank, to obtain high efficiency in its use and to keep the costs at the lowest level are as follows;

It must be correctly positioned in the correct area.
The walls and floor should be smooth.
Despite the problem of leakage on the ceilings, there must be the necessary insulation.
The building must be insulated so that temperature changes do not have an effect.
It should be wide enough for the purpose of the sector.
It must have the required number of rooms and compartments.
Accessory materials such as PVC curtains and shelves must be of high quality.
It must have a suitable door for use.
The interior installation must be drawn with quality materials.
Cooling devices and humidification systems should consist of durable devices that save energy.
It should be designed with suitable devices in the warehouse.

In order for the structural and technical features to show the necessary benefit within the scope of the cold storage features, all work and operations must be carried out by experienced personnel who are experts in their fields.

Guaranteed Service in Cold Storage

Our company, which has the qualifications related to the cold storage features, carries out all the operations under the guarantee in order to ensure that the benefit from the warehouse continues for a long time, and to avoid any problems and cost burden. With the assurance of material and personnel, our company ensures that the warehouses serve the purpose.

You can access the information you need about cold storage features by visiting our page, and you can get help from our support team if you need it. With our support team, which will answer your questions clearly and completely in a short time, you will not have any question marks in your mind, and you will reach the amount of profit you will gain in cost-benefit analysis. Regardless of your sector, we are waiting for you with our perfect warehouses and state-of-the-art devices.

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