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Cold Storage Costs - Akay Soğutma

10 January 20230

Cold Storage Costs

Cold storage costs include all costs incurred during the period from starting the first project until the day the warehouse is delivered. The general costs of the cold storage should be compared with the advantageous profits it brings after its use. Even if the initial costs are effective during the choice, the profit margin that will increase with the use of the warehouse shows the main balance in the cost-benefit analysis.

Factors Affecting Cost in Cold Storage

Cold storage costs vary under the initial criteria. It is possible to list the factors affecting the cost process that started with the decision to establish a cold storage warehouse as follows;

The distance and layout of the area where the cold storage will be installed,
Square meter pricing of the area where the warehouse will be installed,
The size of the cold storage to be established,
Quality standards of materials to be used in cold storage construction,
The quality of the materials used for the interior and exterior installations of the warehouse,
Professionalism of the personnel who will work during the warehouse construction period,
The quality of the door, PVC curtain, cooling and humidification system, panels and shelves to be used in the warehouse.

These criteria within the scope of cold storage costs show the costs related to the construction of the warehouse. Apart from this, the energy consumption of the warehouse, maintenance and repair of installation materials, repair costs of the warehouse building.

Cost comparison in cold storage

Cold storage costs are compared based on both initial and usage costs, taking into account the benefit to be obtained as a result of use. The high profit margin obtained in the comparison, the increased efficiency and the disappearance of time losses show that the warehouse is useful.

In order to always get the right result in cold storage costs, our company provides service with its experience and quality from the past. Under the principle of offering the best with the most affordable price option, our company works with the most suitable price and payment options in market conditions. We offer you the cold storages that we will build by using the necessary technical equipment and materials in accordance with the quality standards in accordance with your purpose of use, under our company guarantee. We promise that you will use our warehouses with the highest efficiency for a long time without any problems.

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