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Cold Storage Prices - Akay Soğutma

22 January 20230

Cold Storage Prices

Cold storage prices vary according to many factors. The prices of air tanks are compared with the benefit obtained. In this context, as a result of the benefit-cost analysis, both the high increase in efficiency and the high amount of profitability ensure that the long-term cost line of the prices is low.

Determining the Prices of the Cold Storage Warehouse

Cold storage prices are evaluated in a wide process. In this context, the factors affecting the initial pricing of air warehouses are listed as follows:

Geographical features of the area where the cold storage will be built,
Transportation facilities of the place where the cold storage will be established,
The size and capacity of the cold storage to be built,
Quality standards of materials and insulations to be used in the construction of the warehouse,
The quality of the installation to be used in the warehouse,
The quality of the cooling system and humidification devices to be placed in the warehouse,
All personnel who will work in warehouse construction should be professional in their field,
Technical features and quality of the doors to be used in the warehouse,
PVC curtains, shelves, etc. to be placed in the warehouse. The variety and quality of accessories are effective on pricing.

Apart from this rating, cold storage prices may also vary within the scope of usage guarantee, maintenance and repair cost assurance offered by the company.

Affordable Price in Cold Storage

Within the scope of cold storage prices, our company offers the most reasonable price options in order to keep the costs at the lowest level both at the beginning and in use. At the same time, it reduces the initial costs in terms of prices with special payment methods within the scope of initial prices. Our company, which is the only address of quality and trust, is committed to using the cold storages efficiently for a long time without any problems.

You can reach all kinds of information about cold storage prices with our support team. Within the scope of the criteria that are effective on pricing, you can subject our company’s assurance to the comparison you want. You can take a look at the technical specifications of the materials used in the warehouses and employee experiences of our company, which always works under the principle of better service and continuous quality. You can examine the references given by the cold storage users, who are served by our company, which prioritizes customer satisfaction and profitability.

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