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What are the Points to Consider in Cold Storage? - Akay Soğutma

1 March 20220
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What are the Points to Consider in Cold Storage?

What are the points to be considered in cold storage? First of all, it is necessary to know the use of cold air devices very well. The degree adjustment of the product to be stored in cold storage should be done very well in accordance with the storage conditions. Cold storages provide protection of the metabolism of food products. In this way, the products to be stored preserve their freshness. If the users are not well aware of the requirements to be followed during the cold room installation and use, the products will deteriorate and become unusable. This causes the user to suffer financial losses.

Cold Storage Usage

Before the cold storage is established, the project should be created by calculating the effects such as the type of product to be stored, the amount of stock, and the inflow and outflow density. Air leakage should be minimized when cold air doors are used. When the products are stored, the door’s ventilation or malfunction causes the products inside to deteriorate in a short time. Therefore, attention should be paid to the use of doors. Humidity control should be ensured continuously in cold weather. In this way, conditions such as not losing weight, darkening, rotting and deterioration of products are eliminated. It should be stored by knowing the ideal humidity according to the product to be stored. The products in the room should be stored according to the climate characteristics by using cold storage shelves. Industrial cooling devices should be used in order to distribute the cold air evenly over the entire surface of the warehouse. Arranging the products in such a way that they do not block the air also allows the product to be stored in a useful way in cold storage.

Teknotek Cooling System

What are the points to be considered in cold storage and one of the most important details in this regard is the Teknotek cooling system. The usefulness of the cold storage to be used in this area and the quality production will increase the efficiency obtained from the warehouse. As Teknotek cooling, it is necessary to work with companies that produce cold storage solutions. It is a good idea to choose companies that do all the cooling projects that are needed, together with industrial cooling device humidification systems and cold air parts. You can contact us to get professional support about cold storage prices and project design. We are pleased to present you our cold storages that we produce in the best way.

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