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Container Type Ice Machines - Akay Soğutma

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Container type ice machines

Container type ice machines and ice units, as the name suggests, have the feature of transporting them to the desired location in the form of containers. The most beautiful thing about these machines is that they can carry the ice to the desired place by keeping it. This feature has been designed compactly together with the cold storage and device. In every season and in every tropical climate zone, ice is preserved and transported to the desired location. The very hot weather does not prevent these devices from operating smoothly.

Features of Container Type Ice Machines

Container type ice machines can be transported to the desired location to produce ice. It is a great advantage that these machines do not have assembly and disassembly problems. These machines can be used as cold storage or cold room in the desired area. These machines, which make ice production hygienically without any problems, can also be used as a portable cold storage to store a product.


20 ft portable type ice machine with 3 tons ice volume
29ft portable type ice machine with 5 tons ice volume
20 ft portable type ice machine with 10 tons ice volume
40 ft portable ice machine with 15 tons ice volume
40 ft portable ice machine with 20 tons ice volume
40 ft portable ice machine with 30 tons ice volume

Container ice machines can be purchased with the desired volume and ice tonnage weight. The ft features and ice storage capacities of these machines can be preferred in accordance with the temperature of the region to be used.

About Container Ice Machines

Container ice machines have the feature of silent operation. Thanks to its special design and operation, it produces ice in a hygienic way without stopping. These container-shaped ice machines have high quality equipment features in European norms. The most important feature of these equipment is that it has a generator. Thanks to this feature, the demand for these machines is increasing in many areas. Due to the generator feature, it preserves the ice inside without the need for external energy. These machines, whose use has increased in many areas, have also become important investment tools with a profit purpose.

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