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Container Cold Storage - Akay Soğutma

Container cold storage

Container cold storage is used and preferred for various purposes in many places. In particular, portable cold storages are used to transport food and products from one place to another. Thanks to the container cold room storages, fruits and vegetables that do not grow in one place due to seasonal conditions are easily transported to that region. These warehouses, which have an important place today, are very important thanks to their product variety and availability.

Importance of Container Cold Storage

Cold storage and its importance have increased considerably today. There is a lot of interest in these portable cold storages. Because the transportation of a food from one place to another has an important effect on the country’s economy as well as on transportation. Products that are frequently transported in container cold storage;

Ice cream
Meat and meat products
sea ​​products
Milk and milk products

Container cold storage is used to transport many foods and products, as we have listed above. It is used for a different purpose besides the food transportation of cold storages. It is also frequently preferred in mobile meatballs, doner shops, street delicacies and outdoor eating and drinking areas. Thanks to portable cold storages, people have also created their own business opportunities outdoors. The products stored in cold storage in hot weather are thus offered to customers as fresh and of high quality. The fruits, which are kept in the cold storage and taken out fresh, attract a lot of attention, especially in the summer months, when they are made into beverages. For whatever purpose you use container cold storage, all you have to do is contact our company. We offer you the cold air production and supply in the best possible way.

Repair and Repair in Container Cold Storage

People who want to use container cold storage should first have information about how to use it. How to store which product, what should be considered when transporting? They need to know many details like this. You can get information about cold storages by examining our company’s web page. You can contact us for more information.

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