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Gel Ice Maker - Akay Soğutma

6 March 20220
Jel Buz Makinesi

Gel Ice Maker

The gel ice machine provides rapid production of gel ice in liquid form. Gel ice is obtained by combining ice crystal and water solution, namely sea water, fresh water, salt and also glycol mixture. liquid ice, liquid ice or ice, which is called with different names, is often preferred due to its properties.

Choosing the Right Ice Machine

The ice obtained by using the gel ice machine creates a very rapid cooling in the area where it is used. During the cooling of the products, thanks to its feature, it not only cools the outer parts, but also provides the internal parts to be cooled as desired. It is necessary to be careful in the selection of ice machines that make the products look better and show sales performance for a long time. The selection should not be made on the basis of only the price criteria. In this sense, to choose a good gel ice machine;

All parts used in machine construction should be checked for compliance with national and international quality standards.
It should be checked that there is fine and solid workmanship in the construction of the gel ice machine.
There should be expert personnel in the installation of the machine and the commitment that it will be commissioned after the necessary tests should be considered.
Care is taken to ensure that all warranty conditions regarding the machine are met.

A correct machine choice is made by considering the criteria.

Not Making the Right Choice

As a result of being careless in purchasing industrial machinery, the machine does not show the required performance. The ice effect it produces is not as desired and brings more harm than good to the product. As a result of its uncontrolled commissioning, it leads to the emergence of various problems in the future.

Ice machine equipment will lead to an increase in maintenance and repair costs due to use due to poor quality of parts and insufficient warranty conditions. It will also reveal the problem of renewal of gel machines in a short time. For these reasons, you can visit us to have the ice machine necessary for your production, to get high efficiency in your work, and to gain financial and moral gain. Please contact us to respond to all the information you are wondering about the quality and technical features of our machines, and to respond to the projects of our valued customers in a short time.


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