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Block Ice Machines - Akay Soğutma

Blok Buz Makineleri

Blok Buz Makineleri

Blok Buz Makineleri

Block Ice Machines

Block ice machines have a more useful structure compared to the old system ice machines. At the same time, they are seamlessly dynamic and wonderfully designed machines. The ice produced in flake ice machines is pressed by the machine to obtain ice blocks. The width and length properties of the block ice are fixed. It can be changed by adjusting its height with the help of electronic panels, with the width and height properties being fixed. Thanks to these features, block ice machines have a distinctive feature from other ice machines.

Advantages of Block Ice Machines

With block ice machines, ice blocks can be produced in desired width and length. With the block ice machines that perform this process in a short time, the block ice made by the ice machines of different capacities can be produced by adjusting the timing. Features and advantages of block ice machines;

Thanks to its clean and hygienic ice production feature, it is often preferred in the food industry.
It has fast, easy and trouble-free use.
Changeable ice measures can be made.
They are technologically advanced and have a flawless design.
They can produce a consistent amount of ice.
They have the feature of producing ice in the desired shape and weight.
It can produce flake ice by doing the same thing as flake ice machines.
The produced ice blocks are extremely useful for stacking in freezers and shelves.
Hydraulic systems are available.
It has non-stop ice-making features.

The block ice machine has many features in this way. At the same time, one person can operate and obtain ice blocks. These machines, which produce ice non-stop, also count the ice they produce.

Ice Measures Produced in Block Ice Machines

In these machines, ice is produced hygienically and quickly without consuming manpower. Thanks to the adjustable technological features of the machines, these ices can be produced in certain weights and sizes. Dimensions and weights of block ice that can be produced in block ice machines; Block ice size: 15 x 15 x 30 cm and its weight is 5 kilos. Block ice size: 20 x 20 x 50 cm and its weight is 15 kilos. Block ice size: 25 x 25 x 50 cm and its weight is 23 kilos. In block ice machines, one person can easily produce ice of this size.

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